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Implementing a carousel is easy, implementing one the right way is easier said than done 🙃. …

Short answer: Google Ads and GA use different attribution models and timings. Read further to learn more about attribution models and timings.

Attribution models explained:

According to Google: An attribution model is a rule or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths.

These are hard times for our concentration system. So many things are happening all around us and it’s really hard to separate the important from the less important stuff.

I’ve found myself lingering way too long checking the news, my phone, and every social medium. I mostly blame it on…

Header image of the article “A better way to present your design work”

We’ve all been there: creating great work but failing to display it the right way. The way you present your designs can make or break all your hard work. All those long hours of work and research won’t matter if your client couldn’t get a grab of the outcome.


In this article you’ll learn how to fetch data the right way using Redux and useEffect

This article will be dedicated to the sometimes troublesome road of fetching data over an API using Redux and Hooks in a React Native framework. I’ll be fetching data from the Foursquare API.

I wanted to write this article to maybe help others having a hard time finding the “HOW”…

React Native Hooks. One of the latest additions to the React (Native) framework. Hooks were officially released in React 16.8 and React Native since the 0.59 version.

What are Hooks?

Hooks are the solution to let you use state and other React features in a function component. Before the 16.8 …

A recommendation system is a nifty technique to embrace the personalizing trend on the items that you offer to your users.

Recommender what…?

To put it simply: a system that can recommend “stuff” to people based on what everybody else did. It’s like the data analysis translation of a trend. …

When starting with Machine Learning you see the terms Numpy, Pandas and SciKit Learn mentioned around whether relevant or not. This article will help you understand each term and will come definitely in handy when you’re busy mastering Machine Learning.


Numpy stands for numerical python. As the name gave it…

Being a complete newbie in the great React Native world can be hard, so I’m here to share my tips & tricks to React Native.

About Expo

While researching React Native, I stumbled upon “Expo”. Expo is an open-source framework of all kinds of tools and services that comes in handy, especially if you’re getting started in the React Native world. It helps you develop, build, deploy and quickly iterate on iOS and Android. …

AI or Artificial Intelligence, a new technology that is promised to take over the world and simplify our lives. But, what is AI and how does it work? What’s the difference with Machine Learning and Deep Learning? And what kind of AI systems are there? Well, I’m here to rescue and to help you see the wood through the trees.

Definition and goal.

The easiest way to understand AI, is to place it in the context of humans. Humans can see, listen, hear, process, read, understand, speak and all kinds of stuff. All these typical human trademarks can be placed in a context of AI. …


Trying to figure things out while writing about it. Lover of design, front-end development and anything data-related

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